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James Andrew Barrett

Author of the acclaimed work

The Silent Gospel
The Science of Divinity – Creation of the Shroud of Turin

Implications for Human Potentiality: Ascension - Rainbow Body Attainment - Incorruptibility of the Body after Death – New Science

“A new paradigm in science is arising out from the last 30 years of Shroud of Turin Research. It is an amazing object of great antiquity that like love itself, if understood would eliminate religion and open us to truth and spirit, to that pure realm beyond all diversity and separation. The message encoded within the fibers of the Shroud reveals the power and beauty of the compassionate heart; it speaks to us directly about the alchemy of Love.” – James Barrett speaking in Ashland, Oregon 2007

“For me, reading The Silent Gospel was like coming Home. In a unified and organized way, it integrates science, heart and ancient wisdom with the deepest spiritual truths - a most valuable contribution to those on the spiritual path." - Leonard Laskow, MD , author of Healing With Love


The Silent Gospel - History of the Shroud

Screenplay - A Docudrama

James A. Barrett

Barrett is a student of mystical traditions and researcher of Human Potentiality with a focus on the subject of Heart Intelligence. He is the author of The Silent Gospel – The Science of Divinity – Creation of the Shroud of Turin and a screen play called; The Silent Gospel - History of the Shroud. His former company was involved with the development of the first real time cardiac biofeedback device and a co-author of Holophasec integral principles as viewed in provisional patent - Quantum Qualtum Chroma Covariance Method & Apparatus filed with Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP - June 18, 2009


Bio - Long Format

James Andrew Barrett, a student of religious and mystical traditions, embarked on an odyssey in 1995 to create a heart based biofeedback device that would aid recognition of a natural intelligence spoken of by wisdom traditions. This Heart focused Intelligence bypasses our genetic gifts, IQ, age, cultural conditioning, and education. The goal at the time was a  “
real-time” cardiac biofeedback device that would access this unique heart based intelligence.

Success came with the help of several individuals, particularly a former Air Force human-machine interface control systems analyst at Wright Patterson Air force Base in Dayton, Ohio.
Resulting data from this innovative approach demonstrates that inherent heart based intelligence drives many of the psychological and physical systems important to wellness.

In March of 2000, a life altering epiphany occurred when his twenty-seven son suddenly died without a known cause.During those weeks of grief, Barrett was given a clear vision of a book and a clear personal experience of the “witnessing” facet of mind. His priority then changed from developing the cardiac device and its protocols, to research, writing and lecturing on the subject of Human Potentiality. The Silent Gospel: The Science of Divinity-The Creation of the Shroud of Turin is a result of this period of inquiry.

In his book he blends ancient Eastern science and modern Western science to decipher the embedded testament left in the ancient cloth known as the Shroud of Turin. He claims that it is a Silent Gospel meant specifically for humanity during these times. Ultimately he has come to believe that the Shroud of Turin illuminates both the topic of Ascension and the Nature of Reality.

James recently finished the screenplay on the Shroud history called The Silent Gospel - History of the Shroud, and is co-author of Holophasec design models - a novel view of physics for creation of applications. Currently he is living in Santa Barbara California.

Author's Note:

We are all much more then we've been educated to believe. Inherent to all of us is an intelligence that resides beyond the rational, beyond even the subconscious or intuitive. Anomalous phenomenon like shifting gene sequencing, yogic powers, spontaneous remissions, incorruptibility and rainbow body events point to something greater. Nothing is more paranormal then the physical body dissolving into a flash of light or having the body not corrupt at death, even when in the ground for hundreds of years!"

The Silent Gospel is the Shroud of Turin.

The Silent Gospel is the wordless message; a complex testament left by it's creator apparently for these specific times when the required technical sophistication to fully explore and reveal the depth of the mystery would be available.

The Silent Gospel is a blueprint for biological Ascension, with a foundation built on Heart Intelligence research supporting the Sacred-Immaculate or Purified Heart.

The Silent Gospel
is a portal into understanding the nature of Reality.

The Silent Gospel has been slowly revealed by rigorous scientific research over 40 years.

The Silent Gospel
exposes the intent and underlying meaning held within this ancient artifact.

The Silent Gospel
the book - uses Eastern and Western philosophies and their sciences in grounding a plausible explanation for the Creation of the Shroud of Turin image – in doing so, outlines a psychophysical process known in mystical traditions as the “Final” or “Great Completion”; the attainment of the “Body of Light” and “The Kingdom of Light”.

The Silent Gospel
the book - reveals “ascension” to be a psychophysical process of unifying identities (aspects of self), which when idealized (perfected unification), ends in this rare event organically (biological ascension), which is a phase transition to higher symmetry states.

The Silent Gospel the book - demonstrates how Ascension results from a uniquely coherent resonant attunement of self (Self-realization) with that creative no-time realm of infinite potential and possibilities, "the Kingdom of Light".

Media Discussion Topics:

  • The Shroud of Turin both science, history and the implication.
  • The Templar and Secret Societies connection to the Shroud.
  • Buddhist Rainbow Body correlated to Christian Resurrection & Ascension Events.
  • Internal Heart Coherence related Heart Intelligence to Quantum Mechanics
  • Incorruptibility: Incorruptibility of the Saints – Human Incorruptibility - How specific saintly figures in history are exhumed to find their bodies in remarkable condition.
  • Sacred Geometry- the physical wave form geometry of the human body and the human heart What makes it sacred.
The Shroud is one of the most compelling mysteries of our times. Science cannot replicate or explain it. It stands as a silent testament to human potentiality that is of especial importance for these times.” ~ James Andrew Barrett

If you have an interest in my lecture series including power point presentation or interview possibilities I would be pleased respond promptly.
James Andrew Barrett

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James Andrew Barrett

James Andrew Barrett

Silent Gospel Publishing

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Video Interview:

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Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country
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The Silent Gospel

“Exploring the mysteries of The Shroud of Turin pushes science and the rational mind into abstraction and submission; for the answers reside in the timelessness of the eternal and reveal themselves in paradox”. James Andrew Barrett

Detailed Description:

The Silent Gospel refers to the “coded testament” embedded within the ancient burial cloth known as The Shroud of Turin, a singularly unique object that has confounded the scientific community for over 30 years. Because of the perfection of the image science beliefs it was intentionally created. The slightest difference in the amount of radiation, either in duration, distance or intensity would have diminished the high resolution of the images. On the surface it appears as a work of art. If this is so then the people of these times are the first since its creation in the first century to be able to truly marvel at the depth and richness of its mysteries. Only now do we have the technical sophistication to explore the complexities and elegance the object holds.
It was not until 1898 that the new science of photography revealed the positive image of the face and body, beginning the “scientific phase” of exploration. In 1973, 1976, anomalies lead to the creation of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) in 1978. In that same year twenty-four of the worlds leading scientist, in a vast array of disciplines spent five full days with the sacred article retrieving large amounts of data to later analysis. Their startling conclusions in 1981 spurred others to continue the scientific investigations. The “collective evidence” has stretched Western Science past the normal “event horizon” of our current paradigm. The best minds of our day cannot even come up with a model that satisfactorily explains the image and all its unique characteristics and odd anomalies.
Barrett, after years of extensive research into the science done on the Shroud approached the problem differently. He had studied the Buddhist phenomenon of the Rainbow Body and quickly realized the similarities to the Christian Resurrection and Ascension processes and events.  This process and its sciences have a connection to the “heart intelligence” sciences he had been involved with prior to his interest in the Shroud. He realized that if he could bridge Eastern and Western philosophies and their sciences, specifically the Buddhist-Bönpo Rainbow Body or Body of Light attainment an explanation for the radiation source would be explained. Using the Buddhist philosophies of attainment he correlates the teachings of Jesus, since tradition and the science tells us that the Shroud is with the “highest probability” that of Jesus of Nazareth. Completing these challenges he tackled the creation of a scientific model based in physics to help explain the “shadow-less” light recorded by witnesses at the final moment of the Body of Light attainment known as the “Great Completion”. He intuited that the phenomenon termed Sonoluminescence held hints and could act as a visual example of a phenomenon that dissolves into a flash of light.

At the heart of all the technical data lies a basic truth about the power and beauty of the compassionate heart and the alchemic transformational nature of Love.
Distilled, the Shroud exists and whether intentionally or not it was created by man, thereby through extension The Silent Gospel hints graphically at the vast potential of consciousness, while it silently whispers a truth of great importance, a truth apparently meant to be understood now at this moment in time.
Barrett’s conclusion is that the evolution of consciousness beyond “self” anchored identities produces naturally a “phase transition” of form to higher symmetry states, which ancient mystical traditions call the Rainbow Body, The Golden Body, The Wisdom Body or simply the Body of Light. It is understood as the attainment of the Kingdom of Light and is understood by masters of inner exploration as a reclaiming of the status Son/Daughter of God; a conscious co-creator fully realized. Barrett senses that it’s the informational input that assists the transition of our species to Homo-luminous.
Why is this important or relevant to the audience?
The mystery surrounding the creation of the Shroud Image and the relating anomalous characteristics found within those ancient fibers is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries on the planet. It rivals the Great Pyramid in Egypt and is pushing science and physics into uncharted realms of exploration. The science being generated by exploring the cloth is literally generating a new paradigm in physics and radically shifting our perception of what is real, as well as what is possible. The science is adding weight to the message at the foundational core of all spiritual traditions. Love transforms, so follow the Golden Rule of “loving others and you love yourself”.
“The scientific explorations done on the Shroud of Turin collectively are revealing a sophisticated encoded message, a silent testament that graphically illustrates the potential within each of us, and, by extension, the nature of Reality itself.” ~ James Andrew Barrett


Burden of Proof

The burden of proof regarding the Shroud has shifted to the debunkers with respect to the two main questions surrounding the Shroud of Turin; those being how was the image created and who might have create it? Currently a wealth of mounting scientific and circumstantial evidence clearly points to a man with AB blood was severally tortured and then crucified in a manner exactly mirroring the biblical stories yet with much more graphic detail. This individual entered rigor mortis while still nailed on the cross, then prior to any further signs of the dieing process (release of other bodily fluids etc.) a unique form of radiation “imprinted” the man enshroud along with the coins on the eyes and bouquets of flowers around the head. This release of light (energy) must have been highly coherent in an enveloping fashion, occurring for the briefest of moments due to the exactness of the image resolution. This unique form of light produced an image in negative of the enshroud person; an image that is produced on the ultra thin starch and sugar layer found on the outer most fibers of this two-thousand year old linen cloth. The tonal-browning occurred within this starch and sugar like layer, which is thinner then 1/100th of a human hair. Photographs taken of the image have been found to contain “dimensional encoded information” about the body. This allows for a topographic representation of the physical body formally enshrouded. No other single object known to date can do this! Objects found in the image included; bouquets of flowers, thorns, wood, coins from 31 CE, and both the front and back of the body lying naked in the posture of death. This image required exquisite precision in the timing and intensity to get the quality of resolution that scholars agree was more intense in its clarity back in antiquity. It is a cloth that to this day remains supple as the bed cover that will cover you tonight. The image was created without a directional light source.

The medium was a cool coherent form of energy that irradiated without heat or pressure in direct relationship to the distance to the body. The image was produced in negative form with exquisite timing and intensity, yet the photo-similar image is produced on material that is considered not to be photosensitive material. But of the lack of a directional light source for the image and due to the fact that the material imprinted on is not photosensitive material, it is considered not to be a photo-style object, yet the negative image of the object produces a perfect positive image of the man enshroud. This evidence alone makes arguments against challenging to sustain. 

Authenticity Issues
Currently the empirical and circumstantial evidence reveled by cold hard science, parallel in great detail the Biblical stories of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and points to the origins of the cloth as coming from the region surrounding Jerusalem sometime in the first century. The question of authenticity may be readily divided into two points.
(1) The Shroud as a genuine burial cloth recovered from a grave or removed from a corpse
(2) The Shroud as the grave-cloth of Christ.

Scientific opinions on the Shroud being an authentic burial-cloth range from "probable" to "proven"; the reason it is not 100 percent “proven” is simply due to the image found on the cloth itself. All other points of evidence collected support the conclusion that the cloth is an authentic burial shroud that covered a real corpse in antiquity.

The opinions on the second point, that of it being the grave-cloth of Jesus Christ, range from "possible" to "probable". Without DNA of an actual man known as Jesus, 100 percent positive, proven authentication is regarded as impossible. Yet it is felt by most scholars of the science, that in a court of law the collective evidence both hard and circumstantial would support the opinion of “highly probable”.

Historically, medical, chemical, biological, archeologically and physical scientific data/viewpoints support conclusively the Bible stories, again the difference is with the revelation of the many brutally graphic details. The stories are made real with the image of a brutally tortured man in his burial cloth stained with vast amounts of blood and other fluids from a vast array of wounds.

To date the there are no theories that satisfies “all the evidence” much less a reproduction of the object with all the anomalous characteristics, as been put forth. What makes this even more astonishing is that we are in an era of unparalleled technical sophistication and communication.

A theory must include not just the physics for the source and method of use of the radiation but must also give adequate historical, archeological, medical, chemical and physical explanations that satisfy
all the characteristics and anomalies found by the scientific community. Theories proposed in the general media gloss over this fact in all their presentations.
These facts developed over the last thirty-years of research, is pushing science into a new paradigm of reality, one closer then ever to the views held by the ancient rishis (sages) of the Indian sub-continent.
To debunk either of the two main issues surrounding the Shroud requires more then throwing lots of false facts to the wall and seeing which one sticks. It requires a through explanation of all points, not to do so is a grave injustice to humanity.

Visit or for a heart felt follow up to these questions.
© 2007 James Andrew Barrett

Possible Article Submission:
 Articles I would care to submit would be on the value of Heart Intelligence as it relates to wellness and conscious evolution occurring on the planet at this time. My intent is to share the transformational power and the beauty of compassionate loving kindness. I would tweak the language to suit the audience of the publication.
Currently my presentations relate to:
• the book The Silent Gospel
• Internal Heart Coherence
• The Great Perfection termed the Rainbow Body in Buddhist philosophy and Resurrection - Ascension from the Christian view.
•The Science of Shroud of Turin
• History of the Shroud of Turin

Working on the Physics of Biological Ascension

I meld the ancient philosophies of Self-realization and Western scientific principles to show the dynamic fluidity of the human form and the vast potentiality held within consciousness. Fact - human intent can and does robustly affects objective reality.

My tool box broadly defined is Human Potentiality, the tools include; quantum theory and its weird mechanics, mathematics, sacred geometry, thermodynamics physics, heart intelligence research, mystical traditions of the planet, spontaneous remissions, super human abilities, yogi powers, incorruptibility, and rich explorations of the electromagnetic nature of biology which includes that largest of molecules, DNA/RNA.

The totality of my explorations both in research and personal experience has led my down a path, which allows a rational, well grounded explanation of the process and event known spiritually as ascension. It also aids understanding of the phenomenon known as incorruptibility. A phenomenon where a saintly body does not corrupt, decay or dissolve after death.

Required are any submission guidelines.
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Endorsements of The Silent Gospel:
*For me, reading The Silent Gospel was like coming Home. In a unified and organized way, it integrates science, heart and ancient wisdom with the deepest spiritual truths - a most valuable contribution to those on the spiritual path." - Leonard Laskow, MD , author of Healing With Love

*The Silent Gospel is a compelling credible theory that uses the Shroud of Turin as a concrete blueprint for ascension into the Divine light-body. James Andrew Barrett weaves a brilliant blend of the metaphysical and western sciences, to reveal the wisdom held deep within the heart." - Dr. Jodine Turner, author of Keys To Remember

*James Andrew Barrett has managed very convincingly to integrate ancient wisdom with current sciences to give real value of love and faith. In doing so, he offers true hope and guidance for all people to greater peace, health and ease of life. He's done a masterful job!" - Dean Shrock, Ph.D., author of Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing

*The Silent Gospel skillfully reveals connections within current biomedical breakthroughs such as Heart Rate Variability research, Eastern mystical breathing practices and traditions concerning physical and spiritual enlightenment, quantum zero point physics, sacred geometric proportions and so much more, encoded in the tapestry of the Shroud of Turin, and most importantly, offers profound implications for our own lives." - Bruce Rawles, author of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook

* James Barrett captures the spirit of how the novel science of internal coherence is rapidly evolving into a true physics way of understanding the processes of life, mind and spirit, without any moment loosing touch with, and the respect for its personally perceived values. His plea is only affirmed by placing it against the delicate historic background of the life and ordeal of one of the worlds leading religious and spiritual icons. Having several years practical experience with developing and applying the very same principles in front end biometrics, I warmly recommend The Silent Gospel as a bright guide into an upcoming era of intuitional sciences. Frank van den Bovenkamp: entrepreneur, co-developer of the Heart Tuner, coordinator of Heart Coherence team, 

* I have read many books concerning this topic of our place in the Divine scheme of things in relationship to the understanding of quantum physics but this one is the best I have ever read! James' understanding of the power of compassion as well as his explanation of how to engage in this selfless emotion is beyond comparison. For the first time I understand the purpose of the Shroud of Turin as a vehicle that reveals what happens to a Being who has evolved and actually becomes compassion. The understanding and replication of this truth held within the Shroud reveals this also as our path to ascension!" - Alexis Summerfield, Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher 

* The Silent Gospel by James Andrew Barrett captured my attention as no other book has ever done. After James apparently spent many passionate years studying the amazing phenomena of the Shroud of Turin, he presents a plethora of real, plausible evidence as to how the image was created. In a refreshingly masterful style, both scientific and spiritual platforms are woven and intermixed. It is a hard book to put down. This book will amaze and educate scholars and the curious. - Norman Anthony, metal artist/craftsman

* POWERFUL!, June 4, 2007; I teach classes on "What the Bleep", have taken the first year of a nontraditional divinity school, completed the first temple degree of the Rosicrucian Order. And I am blown away by James ability to weave science with divinity. Although I was a little confused at times it just goes to show me that James has included a lot of new information in this book. I got more than my money's worth. How refreshing! Laurel Anderson (Minneapolis, MN USA)

* WOW!!!  I just watched the video interview and it was five star. You should be able to influence many with your book and interview, because of your genuine warm heart- compassionate nature. Congratulations and a mighty victory in its life. ~ John Fanuzzi

* Fascinating!!!
"The Silent Gospel" bridges the gaps between science, religion, and history in a way that will fascinate all levels of readers. Matt

The Silent Gospel is a must read, must experience, for everyone interested in the heart as a sacred portal, and the reality of bodily Ascension. ~ Jodine Cognato

* James Barrett is a deep thinker, with vast knowledge of history and the spiritual universe. His book is full of little known details and creative observations. Don't miss it. ~ Sue Hollingsworth

* Very intriguing! From the first page to the last page, this book is fascinating. Highly recommended! A Great Book!!! ~ Wendy Kosche

*The Silent Gospel is clearly the result of years of research on a fascinating subject. It is sure to intrigue and enlighten readers. Elaine Clark

* Wow James, I just listened to the interview and totally and completely loved it!  You were awesome and the message was very clear!  I am so excited for you!  I will get the book!  Ma Salema!  Marilyn