Sacred Geometry
Any theory will account for some facts; but only the true explanation will satisfy all the conditions of the problem …”  
(William Crookes, 1875 “The Mechanical Action of Light”, Quarterly Journal of Science VI, 337-352 (July 1875)

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This page will evolve

There are many great web sited on Sacred Geometry, I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel here.
I ask a few simply questions, and then attempt to answer them in a very personal and useful way.

The two main questions this page will tackle will be:

What make Sacred Geometry sacred?
What does wave-geometry have to do with ascension?

Esoterically, I believe that if one moves beyond philosophy - specific geometries at the highest level are considered sacred because they comprises the fundamental symbols consciousness uses in the creation of experiential reality.

On one level, geometry is a symbolic means to assist visualization of complex and abstract concepts, yet on a deep level, is mirrors dynamics of the energetic dance of light held in idealized self-referencing, self-organizing form. At fundamental development, mass is condensed light, atoms held in geometric latticed patterns. When viewing coherent forms like biology, terms like scale invariant and fractal come to mind. But these forms are not crystalline and ridge they are not idealized faceted forms as in the Platonic Solids. These idealized forms are real only in the minds of men. There is no such thing as a
perfect circle, or sphere, triangle or pyramid, square or cube, or a dodecahedron, in nature. Natures geometries are dynamic and fluid with wave, spiral and vortex characteristics.

Platonic Solids or their 2 D representation geometry geeks like myself love because of their unique abstract characteristics spatially and mathematically - they can embed within each other, or viewed differently, can arise out of each other, with an elegancy and perfection that man kind find aesthically pleasing. This is due to the perfection in symmetry.
In this symmetry the ancients found perfection and therefore sacredness.

Geometries simple or complex, faceted or wave form - are only energetic signposts to something much more fundamental.
Something basic to life - something fundamental to awareness and consciousness - Something connected to the development of self.

Sacred Geometry, the geometry of life, holds Embedded Elegant Symbology that can be used to explore meaning and existence..

These fundamental forms have both a wave and particle characteristic.

They speak to order and symmetry; a harmony with both aesthetic and qualitative transmission embedded within.
An order and coherency the soul desirers intrinsically, for does not every human desire peace and beauty.

Sacred Geometry is the study of forms that reflect inherent perfection from the notion of harmony, order and balance which is inherent to symmetry.

In one sense Symmetry equal aesthetics, harmony, proportional balance that engenders a sense of beauty to our senses. We look for symmetry intuitively, not only static objects but also scaling, reflection, inversion and rotation symmetry.

So at the core Sacred Geometry involves Scaling, Inversion, Reflection, and Rotation principles and characteristics. Or what allows the small to embed in the large.
Symmetry implies self-similarity - geometrically this is termed fractal.

Nature is our guide when exploring form and self-similarity is a major part or natural evolution, growth, movement and expansion.

To move out involves larger scaling whether a fern , a tree, a ripple or consciousness.

The study of form takes one into spirals, vortices; into waveforms, and all are formed by light and shadow.
How one sees and interrupts the symbol is personal, it is beyond philosophy and personal interruption residing pure principle.

Here sits fundamental dynamic forms dancing into concrete reality. If mind and consciousness reside at the core of experiential reality, then the forms at the foundational level must speak to and have a direct relation to the consciousness anchoring them in time-space.

In short the fundamental building blocks must directly relate to the Consciousness one might call the Absolute.

Hence Sacred to the Philosopher.

Key elements like symmetry, balance and harmony hold the focused attention like a magicians trance
But it is the asymmetry operators and functions that make life what it is.

Lines of Symmetry can be like these shells

Which are similar to this butterfly.

or they can be more like this dandelion seed grouping


Platonic Solids

  • Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, icosahedron

  • The Sixth shape is the circle, which in 3D is a Sphere.

  • The Grand daddy is the Icosidodecahedron - twenty triangular

  • faces and twelve pentagonal faces. An Icosidodecahedron

  • has 30 identical vertices, with two triangles and two

  • pentagons meeting at each, and 60 identical edges, each

  • separating a triangle from a pentagon.

Metatrons Cube

The Flower of Life - The Egg of Life

Seed of Life

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Energy in all expressions; photon, electrons, other sub-atom particles, atom, molecule, cell or complex life forms;
all express particle and wave characteristics simultaneously and symbiotically.
The double slit experiment has clearly proven this fact even with the most sophisticated of modern tools.

The phase space position (coherent events in time-space) or any standing wave form, is a multidimensional holoform comprised of a nested toroidal energy matrix. This matrix of structures has been classically termed waves. They are in fact three dimensional mobius-klein bottle like recursive structures holding electric and magnetic potential.
They are individuated by asymmetry operators driven by resonance,
like the rings of saturn.

These multidimensional structures are recursive, dynamic and infinitely diverse and nonlinear.

Desire of Symmetry drives the cosmos, asymmetry moves it.
Together they produce the dance of life and the moment of thought.

Return soon.