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The Silent Gospel - History of the Shroud of Turin
A tale of the age old struggle over the perception of Truth. An 800 year silent war between forces sculpting history and the geo-political landscape.

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The Silent Gospel
History of the Shroud of Turin
Script by James Andrew Barrett

WGA Registered
May 7, 2009
An epic age-old battle over a wordless testament…

The true untold story of a coded message left in a 2000-year-old negative image! An epic, centuries-old battle fought between two of the world’s most powerful organizations to sculpt the archives of time and the panorama of today’s geo-political landscape. This screenplay is centered on perhaps the greatest archeological discovery ever made…the actual burial cloth used to cover the body of Jesus Christ and the people sworn to protect it from the very Church built on this event. Why?
By unraveling the real story behind the DaVinci Code and the elite secret orders sworn to protect it, a compelling docudrama is created.
The burial Shroud, today found in a chapel in Turin, Italy, is a mysterious piece of fine linen, alternatively known as the
Silent Gospel. It has somehow miraculously survived 2000 years, becoming an archaeological anomaly. Historical documentation shows that the cloth has been buried away in defensive walls for centuries, traveled great distances over land and sea, gone through many wars, several fires, major earthquakes, massive floods, countless public and private expositions, all the while under constant pressures of political intrigue and subterfuge. Yet the mystery of this extensively studied linen is found in the imprinted negative image of a naked crucified man in the posture of death found on the surface of the fibers, an image still visible to the naked eye. An object of veneration so unique and rare that men and woman over the ages have died to protect it from those who sought to destroy it!

“The Silent Gospel” is an exciting and well-crafted docudrama chronicling the secret 800 year-old war between the Knights Templar and the Roman Catholic Church. It examines indisputable evidence resulting in startling earth-shaking conclusions. The story reveals the untold secrets; the reasons they have gone to such efforts to protect the message encoded within the Silent Gospel.

silent war waged between the Templars, the royal elite controlling the first truly powerful multinational organization, and the Roman Catholic Church. A battle over a message held within the fibers of an ancient cloth with a message of great value for humanity at this specific time. A message now approved to be told!
The cornerstone of the greatest story
never told. The one powerful men and women would spend their entire lives protecting, fighting wars over and ultimately giving their lives for…the story of “The Silent Gospel.”

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